Thursday, October 13, 2016

Home and Away

Two weeks is a long time to be out of the gym. I'm not meticulous about the gains and things, so I'm really fine with gradually easing into my workout practice. However, what I'm not fine with is the cravings for comfort foods, sweets and junk. Those lousy high fat and carb cravings that stem from a lack of positive influence on mood, energy and stamina that you get from exercise. I went off to Nigeria late last month, and really just enjoyed some quality time with family. I had set an intention for my trip before I left, and my goal was single. Or simple. Be the instrument that holds "us" together.

It was an eventful trip, to say the least. From burying my dad, bonding with family, discovering new family members, exploring more depths of self - examining personality and behavioral differences at home here and at home there, new attitudes to old beliefs, new siblings. I remember thinking to myself, "You are Am0ge. You don't do that. That's not how you live."

How I live.

I'm out of shape with yoga, and treadmill records. Going forward, I want to be able to take my life with me wherever I go, instead of putting whatever I practise on hold till I get back.

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