Friday, October 28, 2016

Tempting Embers

You tempt her to look forward to November
To give up daily pleasures and live on the edge
There's a timer waiting to start a countdown in the back of her mind
She's yearning, yes, but she won't cave in to anxiety
Calm each moment and present in each day until your day

It's cowardly safe to hope instead of ask
She wonders (if you know) what you're signing up for
She hopes this time you come to her with intention
She's clear, she says, and won't have it any other way

She hopes you two would pick up in a heartbeat
And hopes that you find each other to be grown,
She hopes you two are bolder, stronger and ready
And hope deferred makes the heart sick


MAZI GIRL said...

My BitterSweet October Song

Lala said...

My oh my...
You are the Best writer I know
"Hands down"
"Hands up"

This gave me goose pimples
This November will only bring Sweet things
#SweetNovember *winks*