Sunday, October 30, 2016


One of the reasons people should travel is to find empathy. And empathy is easily at the root of advocacy. How can you care about what or who you don’t know about?

We find empathy where we go or when we return, because we tend to step outside of ourselves, or open ourselves up, and form connections with other forms of humankind - individual or collective. As we identify with others and their differences, we realize different parts of our own identity.

Travel does not have to mean getting on a plane. It could also mean getting out of yourself first. In my mind I think “travel" and “open” are synonyms - allowing yourself to learn, exploring new ideas - expanding bases of knowledge and frames of reference. It’s like throwing more elements into the equation. You might not know when but rest assured you will use them later.

So find or create opportunities to do this. Travel! Be open and connect with people and with yourself. Feel a new emotion. It usually starts with a yes, which you very well know comes with a disclaimer. Say yes to life, and by all means keep yourself out of harm’s way while at it.


Sept 6, 2016.
Train transit thoughts on the Metro North - @ Cold Spring, NY. 

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