Friday, November 25, 2016

Can I kick it? Yes you can.

What did you do with your Black Friday?

I lost track of time during the day, journaling with my genius and reading for hours, which was great, and then picked myself up and went to practise yoga at the gym. Nope, no online or doorbusting shopping.

My day really started with an earworm that pulled me into a black hole of interesting discoveries. I woke up bright and early and shortly after my routines, I had A Tribe Called Quest's Can I Kick It playing in my head, which I first heard (and immediately loved) in September this year. I was familiar with the group but this was new melody to my ears. The album was listed on Virgin Atlantic's inflight entertainment, and I listened to the whole thing probably more than once on my 6+ hour flight to London. Bonita Applebum, an old fave single, was also on that album, as well as I Left My Wallet In El SegundoAt least one good thing about flying Virgin Atlantic after all.

I started to give in to my earworm, and as I type the song title in my browser, up popped some old unrelated browsing history from 16 weeks ago. That was a black hole entry point. I had a ton of free time, and gave in. Traipsed around the literature it led to, and discovered Nayyirah Waheed, and her superb tumblr playlist, which in turn led me to Daniel Caesar’s delicious work of art. She also had Yuna, Lauryn Hill, Asa, Mafikizolo, Jill Scott, Stevie Wonder, Maxwell, D’Angelo, MJ, Sade and Prince, among others. She's definitely my tribe. Had me letting loose and doing some random MJ moves in the middle of nowhere. Funny enough, Iyanya’s Le Kwa Ukwu was on there too, which is one song I jammed so much after my trip to Canada in March. I probably listened to it everyday for two straight months after then, or maybe six weeks, until it got lost somewhere mid-year when I got new rebounds. Until yesterday when the tune came back to memory, and then today, when it happened on Nayyirah’s playlist :) I’m just waiting for Spotify to show me my earworm stats for this year.

And yes, it's my bestie's birthday today! Happy birthday Lala Girl! x

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