Sunday, November 27, 2016

Conscious music: India.Arie

I have been a fan of India.Arie and her work right from 2001, when I first heard Video.  That song had such a strong message that was just absolute chicken soup for my teenage soul. Phrases like, "Am I less of a woman if ...?" challenged my fifteen year old self to start thinking about myself as a woman in a "fuller" way. I have freckles, and so you can imagine what hearing a line like, "every freckle on my face is where it's supposed to be" did for my self-esteem at the time. Or how "my momma said a lady ain't what she wears but what she knows" nudged my geeky self to keep going and valuing knowledge. That song spoke volumes to me. And then she birthed other beauties like, "Little Things", "Ready for Love,"  the sultry"Brown Skin" and "Purify Me." Ugh! The quality of her work of art is so beautiful, authentic, and spiritual!

I got back from volunteering yesterday, and was in the mood for lame, cheesy rom com (it happens). Scrolled though Netflix, spotted one that had fine boy Jay Ellis, and my search was done. Tatyana Ali was in it, as well as DJ Qualls, and I thought, "even better." The movie was lame and corny, just what I was in the mood for, and happily met my low expectations, and as it ended, there came 'Chocolate High' as a soundtrack - an old favorite song with India.Arie and MusiQ Soulchild. I was ecstatic. Easily got my mood set up for some soul food, and I went in and got out India.Arie's albums on my Spotify.

I listened to everything she had that I could find on Spotify, and I could not keep calm. I looped back and replayed some tracks over and over because I could not get enough of her authentic connection that was lighting me up in the moment. The consciousness in her music is so powerful, that I "imploded" countless times. Her soul is so beautiful, and I love that she bares all in her work. So much love and lessons and light in her albums that I turned the lights off and "churched" into the early hours of Sunday morning. As I listened, I couldn't help thinking if she practiced yoga. There is no way she doesn't practise yoga. No way. And I know this because we yogis we see each other. And I see you India, I see you! Namaste.

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