Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Not My Real Face

Hilary Clinton's official Facebook Q&A campaign page
Most days, I go to work without wearing any make-up. Lip balm is a regular, because for me, having crusty lips is practically a health hazard. Must keep lips moisturized always. Make no mistake tho, I take proper care of my face, skin and body, with regular exercise, healthy dieting and preventive check up routines. 

Anyway, yea, no make-up most days for me is nothing to overthink or obsess over. Wake up, get up, stretch, clean up, read up, eat up, get out, and get my day moving. At times, I'd slap on my Mac Rebel lipstick when I felt like it. That color does wonders for my shade. Outside of work, I'd swatch between their (Mac's) Heroine and the fiesty Ruby Woo hues. Definitely NSFW. And as far as powder and foundation go, there have been one too many occasions where my face got in the way of a bear hug, leaving disgruntled men with brown patches on white shirts and agbadas. LOL! I ditched the powder after a while, because those hugs were just more important :)

So when the thought that my face was "naked" crossed my mind today as I drove to an alternate work location, I thought back with a *Kanye shrug* Not a big deal, ain't nobody curr. And then it hit me. It’s actually called make up. Like make up - compensate as far as definitions go? Was this a suggestion that we should be compensating for something? Ugliness? Low self-esteem? Traces of domestic violence? Or is it the other definition that means to concoct a story or tell a lie? I don't know, man! I'm not boycotting anything, and this is not one such message. Apparently, make up has a history of impacting women's relationships and even paychecks (see link below). On the other hand, this Forbes article claims that in 2013, the US prestige beauty market (makeup, fragrances, skincare included) raked in $10.6 billion in sales. *Ahem* What do the numbers look like for 2016? All I'm saying is know what you're doing, and as always be & do you. Will probably revisit this topic. Until then, read more here:

Emmanuela: Date 360ng
  • The Makeup Tax: Women who wear makeup earn more and are treated better. This has steep costs, in both money and time. The Atlantic 
In other news, I'm actually really fascinated at the nature and quality of questions these people in developed countries countries ask their presidential candidates, as seen in the rest of Hilary's Q&A.

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