Monday, November 7, 2016

Old home, New Home

You remind me of a former place
A vivid and yet absent space
Filled with longing, and people, and yet empty
People had much to eat, but their souls craved even more

On some days it was timid, indifferent and brash
It was amusing, eventful, and wistful
On other days spiteful, stifled, and restless
I used to be one with this place
But I don't live there anymore

I've long made myself (into) a different place
Where I am a Love child
Here I am Passion, I am Love, and I express my being
I am a giver and I accept love. I am Love, I accept myself
I am Spirit, intentional, open, and I am an enabler

There was not much to see but cobwebs and dust
When I went back there looking for keepsakes
For puzzles of memories and pockets of childhood memories, 
For time warps, for history, for self
It will always be a part of me
But my return was proof that I was no longer at home there

I am human, home anywhere
Home even and especially when I travel
If home is my life, my person, my connection to another Home
I am my home

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