Monday, November 28, 2016

Vibes and Algorithms: Mali Music

Is it just me, or does Mali Music have too much energy going on in his albums? 

I don't know much about about his work, except that his Contradiction usually pops up in my Spotify search bar when I'm typically going for Controlla (Drake). I probably gave it a listen one day, and that was it. Anyway, lunch break today was music monday, and my bright idea was to search through song titles on Spotify that had the word "light." Too many randoms, a couple goldies, and too little time to filter through all. 

Crossed over to YouTube, chose Maxwell's Pretty Wings, and then Mali Music's Beautiful was recommended by the algorithm gods. I gave in, liked it on first listen and made a mental note to check out the rest of his stuff at the day's end. 

Got home later, tried some samples from his albums. Contradiction was decent, Digital was good, and that was it. The rest had a lot going on and didn't quite work out for me - at least not today it didn't. Maybe it was the post-workout fatigue. Maybe it was the hunger. Whatever it was, maybe another day. For now, I'll just stick with his Beautiful, and leave Contradiction for Bamz.

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