Thursday, December 29, 2016

Cataloged Thoughts

In this new year, I hope you tell people how you feel.

When you love them, you tell them. When you want them to stay, you ask them not to go. When you’re missing them, you express that. When you’re hurting, you let them see the innermost parts of your heart. I hope you stop pretending. I hope you stop acting like you’re okay when you’re cracking on the inside. I hope you stop telling yourself you don’t need anyone. And I hope you become strong, but soft.

In this new year, I hope you love with passion.

There are no rules for love. You don’t have to act a certain way or say a specific thing. You don’t have to follow the guidelines of those around you, or fit into a mold of the man or woman you’re ‘supposed to be.’ I hope in this new year, you break away from those expectations. I hope you love with fullness, love with passion, love with everything you have.

In this new year, I hope you are bold.

I hope you love fiercely. I hope you give people your heart and you let them hold yours. I hope you share your mind. I hope you believe in the future. I hope you quit measuring yourself and your relationship to those around you and find happiness on even your most difficult days. I hope you fight for things and people that you love. I hope you look back and know that you lived your life exactly how you wanted to, with the people you care for by your side. But most of all, I hope you are fearless when it comes to matters of your heart.

Marisa Donelly, in Thought Catalog

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