Saturday, December 24, 2016

Compasses for Passion

41.7071° N, 73.9377° W
Mile 75 by the hudson river
At her train station
The one where they had kissed so passionately
On a cold December night a year ago after her work Christmas party
Where their roads diverged one last time a year later
"Thank you for everything," he whispers softly
With one last hug, he held on ever so tightly
Not letting go when she starts to pull away
So she lingered a little longer
He calls out from his platform, cracking an inside joke
She bursts out laughing at his silliness and drives off
And she would sob some ten hours later, again in her car 
In the parking lot of her gym
At the thought of him not being home when she got back
Him not being (her) home.

41.1898° N, 73.8826° W
Smack dab in the middle of the 76 miles apart from where they had both lived
Was where their roads had forked the first time
At Mile 34, she took the north train to mile 75, and he went south to 0.
That was January, when they hibernated 
To wake up in the summer, in June, 
And make their way to mile 0

To 40.8051° N, 73.9391° W
They would make their way
after their roads reconverge
It's another November together
Now he flies 2712.5 cross country miles,
To meet her at mile 75.
But this time, this anniversary is a goodbye
Exes in love they would be
Bound by chemistry
Separated by speed and time
In and out of love at train stations

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