Friday, December 23, 2016


One - Found your scribbles in the back page of my work notepad
Two - Coworker's farewell lunch and someone talked about Elon Musk
Three - Falling asleep and I swear I remembered the pattern of your tired snores
Four - A mutual friend from your recent gossips popped up in my IG news feed
Five - Gongo Aso came up on Spotify ...
It's goes past fourteen, but who's counting?

Your energy has lingered and taunted my heart almost 
Everyday this past week
Playing peekaboo, springing up in moments 
When I’m most unsuspecting
And it’s not that I’m idling around daydreaming and relishing fond memories
No, I’m busy, in the middle of life 
At work, in my shower, my falling asleep, 
In random conversations with coworkers, Uber drivers 
and career conversations with friends
Your energy always showed up

I wince sometimes, 
Force a smile sometimes, 
But no longer rush to hide from it
I let it roam, fizzle out, to resurface again, 
Knowing it will wear itself out
It’s just a matter, a question of time

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