Friday, December 30, 2016

Paying for Free


I get that.
Businesses are here to maximize profit. While we are at it, can the same (businesses) monetize maximally without spamming and flooding customers consumers with loathsome interruptive ads? Or will this always be the price we pay for "free." As the old adage says, "if you're not paying for a product, then by default you are the product." Yup, no such thing as free lunch.

When it comes to distinguishing between a customer and a consumer, it's definitely no thin line. Companies serve "free" products and services to their consumers and conversely make tons of revenue via advertising to users of these free products. And then paying customers on the other hand bring in revenue directly. In summary, customers pay, and consumers don't.

Can we, or they, depart altogether from the online ad model? Or is this trying to have your cake and eat it? Ads today have easily become the bane of 
our existence, and by our, I mean the collective whose flow has been frequently cramped online - from Spotify to YouTube and every platform in between. Ads these days take away from our experience, rudely interrupt programming, reek of indifference with respect to individualized need, to list a few. Is the bigger issue that online ads are not done right?

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