Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Salt and Light

Salt, Light.
The good book never lied.
Such strong metaphors
To depict personality and power.

Salt is (like) authenticity -
How bland is it when we try to blend in,
When we pass up on an opportunity to ginger up,
And lose that distinctive taste that only ourselves could bring?

Power, the ability to do work
Even Science complements Truth

Meaning to charge his phone,
My dad would ask me to put his phone on the "light"
At other times, he'd use "fire" interchangeably
And I'd laugh back, "do you want me to roast it for you?"
I knew what he was referring to, and hardly failed to chuckle 
And tease at the "unlearnedness" of his choice of words
But looking back now, who was more narrow-minded?

Like electricity and fire, light is a form of energy.
Energy transforms;
Energy cannot be created nor destroyed
Burn your solo flame to brighten your corner
Or burn brighter, and collaborate for greater good

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