Saturday, December 31, 2016

Thought Exchange with Silly Lara

"I tried to read a book about giving & receiving love - oh yes, I want love. I do. But, right now, this book seems far more appropriate.  The majority of the men in my life have been kind & loving. But, some have been ugly, really ugly. My most recent ex is a good man. But, I've encountered some men this year who I just can't vibe with - on any level. So, I'm trying to make it less about men & more about me.  Why, at 33, do I feel scared & alone? Why do I feel my chance at love & a family is over? Who put these thoughts in my mind? How did they arise? And more importantly, how do I remove them? Hoping this book will provide some answers. Hoping my thinking will shift from feeling alone as a single woman to feeling fucking empowered as a single woman.  More to report at a later date.  Signing off as BeyoncĂ©,  Hugs & kisses to all.  All the single ladies, put your hands up!"
- Lara Frazier (@SillyLara) on reading All The Single Ladies by Rebecca Traister.

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