Friday, December 2, 2016

Woman Nevertheless

This Woman knows,
Ceremony and titles really don't make a difference. Probably nice to have, but for her, definitely not important. What she really wants is a permanent relationship with her soulmate whose life work complements, and not stalemates.

This Woman believes,
Love is so strong, so powerful, that divorce is not strong enough to terminate it. So potent that "weddings" are not enough to celebrate it. How is the concept of marriage even so reduced to the physical alone? Love transcends all of the man-made events. Almost disrespectful, even an abuse to limit Love to these. Make no mistake, she celebrates unions, and has nothing against them. All she's saying is that there's more depth to the divinity that is Love than these external events could ever do justice. That's the elevation she aspires to.

This Woman swears,
She's a mother - even though she has no biological kids of her own. Whether they came out of her loins or not will never be important to her. She will be committed to motherhood and to children regardless. Because 'mother' is first what she is, before what she does. She is sold out to their cause, and there's no taking it away from her.

In all of this, she is not any less of a Woman.

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