Monday, January 16, 2017

Challenge Up

Years ago, a writing peer from college suggested taking my personal views out when I wrote an article. Now that I think about it, I realize that means real work. Real journalism work - objective, grueling, meticulous, gradual, and in the end fully baked. Well, I blog, which for me serves the exact opposite of all those adjectives. Blogging for me is somewhere on a scale between safe and half-assed, where one slides into a leisurely comfort zone with little expectations or effort. No emphasis on hunting, discovery and refinement, just borderline lazy - and I'm having too much 'fun' with this. As writer Ta-Nehisi Coates put it, "The baker can't simply live for the look of amazement on the faces of those who behold his latest creation. There has to be some joy in actually baking the cake." Discovery, Coates writes, should be a process, not simply an end goal.

Do I really need want to up my game? *Groans*

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