Sunday, January 29, 2017

Discovering: Douglas Rushkoff

"Program or Be Programmed"

Lori said that in conversation today at the local tech meetup where we were volunteering, welcoming guests. Resonating immediately with recent ruminations I've had, I asked, "Where's that from?"

Douglas Rushkoff.

In the six hours that Lori and I worked together, I learnt a great deal. Not only did she march on Washington this time last week with the other hundreds of thousands of women, but she was immensely resourceful, quick witted and had a strong personality that I would not easily forget. I'd later run a quick search on Rushkoff's work and connect with his material (list of books) . Aha! Another bright mind to tribe with. It's been ten hours since I picked the first material and I'm still reeling way past Sunday midnight.

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