Tuesday, January 3, 2017

My TED talk notes

Open, light, see, wake up, fire, feel, think, know

Context for making bad decisions: 
Cocoon self, surround self with yes men, protecting self from cognitive dissonance
Conformation bias: confirming evidence of our beliefs, disregarding or minimizing the impact of disconfirming evidence

Biases build up and attack our ability to reason logically
Industries wrapped around our faulty reasoning

Science is simply a process, designed specifically to overcome our biases. The scientific method:
Identify a problem
Formulate hypotheses
Test the hypothesis
Collect and analyze the data
Make conclusions
Publish the test and results

It (science) is also the tiny increments in knowledge, not the eureka, that all go into a pool of knowledge.

Teach kids how we actually do think, they will appreciate science more. 
Get over internal battles and trust instruments.
Don’t start with conclusion and find evidence.
Instead start with evidence, evaluate it and come to a conclusion.

Learn to use the brain more effectively.

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