Friday, January 13, 2017

Onye Kwe Chi Ya Ekwe

This is a random plug for Algebra (Google Images)
Sometimes the parts of a balanced equation are two guys, a girl and a pizza place. Other times it's two Nigerian ladies, a food pantry and an Internet connection.

The latter is a summary of how I ran down a rabbit hole that led me to works of literature by Chinua Achebe, a classic song by Oliver de Coque, and over a dozen well-written publications on Igbo philosophies and identity, which were very impressive, which includes this thought-provoking excerpt from Peter Ikechukwu Osuji's book, African Traditional Medicine: Autonomy and Informed Consent.

The point of this post? Oh, I don't know. Sometimes you're not looking for something, and then it drops in your lap. That's probably what this (seemingly) useless piece of information must be about. I'm sure it will pop up again, and until then I'll just bookmark it and drop it here.

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