Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday Reads this Sunday

I am bent on satisfying these two curiosities in my free time time:
  • Learning to play chess. Intrigued by the game and the characters, and simultaneously want to improve simple skills that require decision-making and strategic thinking.
  • Learning to ask questions. I think that questioning when done right is an art, a life skill and a high level form of thinking with a lot of potential to uncover paths that would otherwise not be explored.
But remember, there's no such thing as free.

While (wo)men sleep, some are awake and onto something. Jessica Yellin's op-ed in the New York Times from this weekend quotes Ted Turner to have said about the CNN he no longer owned, ““quarterly earnings obsessed” corporate owners would not have the same priorities because “the emphasis instantly shifts from taking risks to taking profits.”All this was about one thing, and it’s not better journalism. It’s bigger profits. Insiders have reported that CNN made more than $1 billion gross profit in 2016, at least $100 million more than the company projected. While CNN made its numbers, it missed the story.””
Full article: How to Save CNN From Itself, Yellin J., (2017, Jan 26), The Opinion Pages, New York Times.

Meanwhile, in some parts of northern Nigeria, some women die daily. Some of these women - children, forced out of their childhood, are giving birth to children, abducted, raped, rendered orphans, and experience unfathomable levels of torment in the hands of insurgents. In today's Sunday Review for the New York Times, Stephanie Sinclair, photojournalist and humanitarian, puts faces, sounds and videos to the human stories and experiences.
Full article: Child, Bride, Mother: Nigeria Sinclair S., (2017, Jan 29), Sunday Review, New York Times.

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