Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Before it makes you hard

It was never about the weather.
The whole time it was about you:
Your becoming.
It was about getting comfortable with being uncomfortable,
Facing and embracing challenges and coming up better.
You're becoming.

This winter saw me shrugging off snow storms with nonchalance, singing cheerily as I headed home from work in the thick of two terribly cold and windy Nor’easters.
I remember last winter. It was my first real one as I had just become a New Yorker then. When the seasons changed and winter fell, it struck both my body and self esteem so hard that it left me sulking for days, losing sleep, joy and motivation, feeling stuck, overanalyzing my life and counting each of the days left till spring. I must have been something of a hybrid between a wet puppy and a deflated peacock.

This time, this second time around, it's way colder than last and even previous years, but I don't fuss. I don't remember to. I'm in the thick of hosting my family members for the first time, creating new memories, and appreciating the moments we have together. I have different priorities and sensibilities. But don't be deceived - a girl, this girl will still fly off to California, in a heartbeat.

If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. Now I know.

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