Thursday, February 23, 2017

One Will Take Care Of You

I was at my job place at 11am, feeling grateful for the flexibility to have taken my mum to the hospital and back - during my work hours. Grateful that the responsibilities of my choices to be a daughter and employee did not have to be mutually exclusive, and today they were not.

Being present and engaged with my mum through her medical exams and doctor's visits - which we've been doing over the last five weeks, left me feeling centered. I relish the not too many simple moments of intimacy in our unique mother-daughterhood. Like yesterday, when we walked to the diagnostics lab, and she thanked me in the middle of a casual conversation for being, in her words, so caring. And today in her mother tongue, when she called me “ebie roba” and reminded me of some conversations she had in the past with my dad. When any of her seven kids was being problematic and stressing her out, she would complain to him and his response would be, “Don’t worry, one will take care of you,” I heard that story for the first time, and I laughed. "I am happy and here to serve you," I told her, "and I will always take care of you." All of us together will take care of her.

Rest of the day rolled out with pockets of good vibes:
- Lala's off to Vegas - and I actually skipped when I saw her airport check-in (wink!).
- I had one of those flow states where I do really productive work at the job, and give my mind and skills towards achieving timely business results.
- And of course, short meetings. w00t! 

Left the office at close of day practically walking on sunshine, as the evening was a gorgeous 68F and warm. As I drove from the office to the gym, I karaoked to The Weeknd with my windows rolled down. I feel it coming babe! Yes! I made my body work hard for an hour, doing cardio and dumbbell reps, and somehow managed to settle in bed by 8pm, with Zadie's White Teeth novel. And yes, I thought I'd squeeze in a post since the day was a tad too young to end at 8pm. It's now two plus hours and a blog post later, and I'm going back to Zadie - who by the way will be holding a book reading in my neck of the woods sometime soon.

I've lived thirty versions of February 23rd, and to the best of my memory (or Swarm check-ins), none of them were as remarkable a day as today.

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