Friday, March 10, 2017

Between the Hype and the Bucket List

Q: Wait, did I say before that ads were overrated?
A: Yes, then comes the but.

This week has been a most awesome week of my life! I have to say that because it is true.
I realized one of the reasons I was born to this woman that is my mother, and why I live in NY at this time. TIME. My name is Time.
I swear I didn’t choose NY, I only said yes when it asked me. I'll leave out some details for my journal. But overall, I am grateful for Providence that allowed me to fulfill a major milestone for my mum this week.

During this period, I got to spend some time with my older siblings, and the quality was unprecedented. Had conversations, some first time, about childhood memories, careers, goals, philanthropy, politics, life, college life, music, Dad. Together, we went sightseeing, grocery shopping, hospital visiting, flower and card picking. Road tripping to Harlem and taking walks back and forth the boulevards named after MLK, Frederick Douglass, and St. Nicholas back together, making Instagram videos, eating from food trucks , and taking airport selfies. Or "groupies." It was a healthy practice, and I was happy to have them all in my home, even though it meant giving up some comforts, sleeping on the couch, pushing my schedule around to accommodate theirs.

And then the media buzz! My road to Hollywood had to explode this week as well, and I ain't mad! What a heady rush. I’m watching ABC with mum on a cool Thursday evening and I pick the remote to flip the channel, but just before I succeed, who comes up on the screen? ME! It was one of the TV ads I filmed about six weeks ago for the New State government. Heady stuff, I know. There are quite a few of them, and in this one I caught on air, I was at a bar, clapping my hands and heart off in an ovation for the band Failed Startup, who’s jazzing away entertaining the crowd. w00t! There’s no taking the wind out of my sails this week, men. What happened next was: glowing pride, prayers and love from mum, calls from old toasters (imagine), emails from peers and senior colleagues, IMs, newsletters, texts from mentors, Whatsapps, people swinging in my office asking for autographs. "Congratulations!" "You were on CNN this morning!" "I saw you last night on FOX News" "I was watching CNBC and saw your ad ..." "Did I just see you on TV" "Babe, you're famous in Canada!" ... Lol! What a trip. 

This wasn't even on my bucket list. Lol! Since being on national TV was not a goal for me, I can't claim any accomplishment. But it happened, and it was a mind blowing experience that I'm thrilled and thankful for. Bookmarking the Youtube clips (which are different from the versions adapted for TV) with this post.

Bottoms up, to youth while we have it!
Alowo ma jaiye

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