Tuesday, March 21, 2017

In a State of Gragra

My sedan survived a super sticky Storm Stella situation
Seasons change, and snowstorms tone your back muscles, arms and rotator cuffs ... when you shovel your sedan out from underneath a heap of snow, two feet high. Maybe no one told you this, but you unwittingly sign up for meteorology when you live in a city that has seasonal changes. Your trunk is half full of tools - essential snow equipment that you once thought only farmers owned. This week, we the North have ushered in the first days of Spring.

I'm preparing to run a 5K this Spring. It's also what you enjoy and do as a Northeasterner.

I realized some gragra in my life that must be let go of. Resisting, spinning the wheels as lessons wait to be complete(d). Only you can hold you back.

It's the year of Love and Work, and I ask, "In what order?"

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