Saturday, April 1, 2017


Last night, I saw the documentary "13th" on Netflix, (thanks to the recommendations embedded with machine learning), and then today I read in the news that New York City will close the Rikers Island jail facility.

Ava DuVernay is doing remarkable, courageous, progressive and important work that humanizes pressing (and maybe even suppressed, repressed) social and economic issues, which might in context be a US issue, however, one comes away with a changed perspective about the human nature. Seeing the documentary will leave the viewer with a strong awakening, a burden, and dozens, if not hundreds, of search engine queries over the next 24 hours. DuVernay's body of work presents a wide array of information - people, policies, history, systems, that some would hear about for the first time. As it shifts mental paradigms, it will color thoughts, texts and conversations, and leave the owner of this newly gained insight with a responsibility to keep wake, stay curious and relentlessly do their own work.

Also timely is the Kalief Browder story currently airing in a docuseries on Spike TV. Finding out that Jay Z is one of the film's executive producers should spark ideas around conscious capitalism, and rekindle the conversation on putting one's money where one's heart is. Where is your heart? Of all social issues that face us, what burdens/bothers you the most? How do you respond?

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