Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bread and Butter

Thankful that April came this way and brought with it art and advise, introspection and practice, consciousness and truth, laughter and melody, dancing and tears, allergies and homecomings, farewells and airport runs, game nights, picnics, choreography, growth and wounds, happy hours and Sunday school, healing and connection, anxiety and will-power, calmness and strength, sad news and autographed books, hard questions with answers that finally came, mentorships and referrals, help and health, lessons and teachers, contentment and longing, service and contribution, insecurities and acceptance, 5K races, and five year anniversaries.

Thankful for wealth (without a dime) of experiences, for resource of people, for soundness of mind and body, and beauty in the ordinary everyday life.

Namaste, and welcome May!

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