Wednesday, May 31, 2017


This month came with Cinco de Mayo, May the Fourth, the birth of a colleague's baby, finally getting out of town (the cabin fever was starting to get to me) over long weekends for quality time with family and friends and wedding parties in Atlanta and New Jersey. How lucky :)

I explored the breathtaking Storm King, mostly by tram, and made a favorite place out of it. Still on Storm King and favorites, Aziz Ansari and team did justice to the second season of Master of None. Spotlighting Storm King and parts of Italy added to my wanderlust, and ignited travel fantasies of Venice in me. In the same breath, while I was lusting after cities, an old friend was dreaming about traveling with me, and in real life, a strange woman I met at a bar on Memorial Day would tell me all about her life, her children and her Tanzanian sisters who lived in Italy.

At the job front, started out dealing with frustrations and excruciating boredom, and this past week accepted two new leadership roles. Volunteered some more in my local community and celebrated awards with high school students I mentor. Reached a 100 day streak of meditation, and the following day, ran out of hotel wifi to continue. Said yes to help when a college buddy offered to set my groceries in the fridge, and turned down invitations to participate in high profile events that held no personal value. Finished John Bradshaw's Homecoming (life changing read), wrote a ton of letters by hand and didn't mail a single one. Resolved conflicts lovingly, and turned down a couple stupid advances from confused men.

Oh yea! Can't forget this soul-shifting episode with Dr. Phil Zimbardo on the Tim Ferriss podcast: How to Not Be Evil

Overall, this was a wealthy, healthy month, however I must get back to yoga, and pick up bike riding. As June dusks in the morning, we'll look forward to welcoming variants and seizing opportunities, but tonight we close out May soaking up TED wisdom, Davido, and #Covfefe.

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