Wednesday, June 14, 2017


In the middle of a heart-felt conversation, my office mate asked me my age, and then went on to say, "you're probably 23, 24."
"Nope! I'm 30."
"No way, you look great! ..."

Although sometimes compliments could be suspect, I'll take this one for what it is.

Woke up this morning bursting into songs: Heart like Heaven, and No Higher Calling. Ending the day looking back at life as it was about this time last year - the roads and relationships that have led here. In between, and to this point, here, now, today was a good day.

I almost missed it!

"You have a life that I'm jealous of... I miss the things I love..."
*Hian! These married people sef, clearly not having and eating cake. On the real tho, shouldn't this level of nostalgia worry us for the new dad?

"Been a while so I thought I'd reach out ... We should catch up one of these days"
*Not keen, and best believe this is all you. Do you, man. Not going out of my way to make the slightest thing happen.

"Just thought about u ... need to call you soon. I'll make sure you don't push me away..."
*The Good Lord put you in the Middle Belt for a reason. Don't be a Yoruba demon now.

"How are you doing Hun? I hope this message finds a smile on your face this beautiful morning"
*What is this? Who is your Hun?

Four! All four of them contacted me within the space of a week, and it hit me that a cycle (more like quadrant) must have completed today after Bamz's message came in. I actually journaled this shit down a few days ago after I got the first two reached out to me a day apart, and I must have felt the energy coming. By the time the third came, I called it Flame Season, and waited for the last character to show up, and lo and behold, it played out in real life. It happened, and I almost missed it. omg. Am I attracting something this period, putting out some kind of vibrations that's going out to them, while I'm just here being the king of my castle, contemplating dreadlocking my hair and moving to NYC? Then I like it. Better yet, I caught it :) More than happy to channel this into some useful places right now, man!

* my inner Lizzy McGuire responses.

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