Sunday, July 16, 2017

Heads or Tails

If all of life is a balance, as Tao, Thầy and the East posit,
- No left or wrong without right, light without dark, fear without love, here without there
What then is the opposite of loneliness? On the other side after you've climbed out of that sunken valley, what's waiting at the top of the hill?

Until you get to the other end, stay open, soft, naked as you walk the middle
There's a spectrum in-between as the scale tips from yin to yang
Sail through the ands, worry less about the ors
Life doesn't have to be the precise outcome of a coin tossing expedition

In the middle, you will whine
You will battle your ego
You will learn strength, as you let your coverings go
There you will meet with storms will that bring you color
The spells there will give you art
They hold your stretching points where you gather yourself, shed old versions and evolve from student to master
You will ride this one out, and believe me, you will have many more until you are no more. Ha!

Get comfortable with the discomfort
You've been conditioned to fear and retreat from it
Quit wresting, rest with it
Your retreat is waiting there to follow you after you've found it

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