Sunday, July 16, 2017

Travel Chronicles - Calgary, Alberta, Canada July 2017

Picked up these two books: Coleman Banks' The Essential Rumi, and Thich Nhat Hahn's How To Love last week at the Minneapolis airport, on my way back from Calgary, Alberta after one epic week of celebrated friendship.
Hey! Calgary was so great, I had no idea. The downtown was spacious and modern (I live in New York - I'm easily impressed by almost any other place), impressively cosmopolitan and at the same time managed to offer an old town vibe. Cowtown, as it's popularly called, was hot at this time of the year. The crowd population was youthful, diverse and showed just the right amount of busy (again, I live in New York). Nothing overwhelming, no foul smells. Haha!

Driving some 200 miles west to the Alberta countryside had breathtaking scenic views of the mountain peaks and hiking trails, gorgeous lakes. Banff National Park in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and Lake Louise were two of the spots we visited. Took a gondola ride and did a pseudo hike to the Sanson Peak - Sulphur Mountain summit, which had an observatory building at the top, and overlooked the beautiful town of Banff. Down at the base of the Sulphur mountain was the Banff Upper Hot Springs, which we swam in - and Lala's swimming trunk melted, sort of. Lol!

The weekend marked the beginning of the Calgary Stampede - an annual rodeo, exhibition and festival held every July in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. First of a kind for me, we went dressed as cowgirls and enjoyed the outdoor shows and festival food. A different kind of fun.
Activities aside, the highlight and real fun for me was the bonding time I got with my bestie - the open-hearted conversations, sleepless nights and early morning walks (so worth it) and just being together in-person through milestones. When you live in a different country and continent from your family members and friends, and rely on telecommunications to connect, only then would you know how much you live and yearn and ache for their presence.

Back in New York feeling light-hearted, centered and fulfilled, I caught up on sleep, and then poured the positive energy into a productive work week. Win-win!

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Blogoratti said...

Nothing like being fulfilled after a nice trip. Wonderful thoughts, and warm greetings to you!