Sunday, August 6, 2017

Rummage me

Where would you look to find fodder for a daily writing challenge? Would you create shit up or mentally rummage through your recent past - say the last twenty four hours, to relive the experiences? If I did the latter, some options would be about:
  • The moment of hesitancy when a Caucasian man chatting you up on a dating app asks what country in Africa you are from. p.s. I am not my hair or my country.
  • Shopping virtually via Whatsapp for a friend on a different continent before meeting up in person during your next trip to her city.
  • Going through the day with lips dipped in black lipstick (gorgeous and non-grungy, I must say)
  • Between soaking my fingers in acetone and exposing them to direct UV light (or was it LED?) to replace and cure a gel manicure respectively, wondering if any of these elements induces cancer or any kind of long-term side effects on women's health.
  • Getting a call from a friend-turned-cousin as I play my virtual shopper role, and she tells me about some hot Christian men with PhDs that she and her husband would like to introduce me to :) It takes a village yo!
  • Meeting up with a coworker-turned-friend for dinner at a fancy restaurant for the second Saturday in a row. From ambitious career goals, Gallup strengths finder test results, to open heart and soul convos, we sat talking over spicy tuna, crab cakes and shrimp appetizers for three plus hours until the staff chased us out. Kinda. Then we agreed to meet up at the gym early next day for a 30 minute workout.
  • Making it to the gym at 7.45 a.m. and their chubby ass doesn't show up :) You put in work anyway.
  • Thoroughly enjoying a relapse and over-indulging in chocolate chip cookies with zero trace of guilt or remorse after a week of cutting sugar. Carrying over to the next day, having cookies with a blueberry spinach breakfast smoothie after the morning exercise. Smh.
  • Dating app chats with Jewish men that make you start toying with the idea of interfaith dating. After all, didn't you all check off the "Religion: Spiritual, not Religious" box?
Quite a comfortable me-centric throwback, if you ask me.

On the other hand, Scribe NDI has some ideas here for spurring one's imagination to creativity, as does The Oxford Royale Academy (link).

How about career conversations or conscious topics? Maybe I'll find them on my upcoming trip this week? I'll see, but consider this post Day One sha.

My Sunday morning vibes: Tekno - Rara 

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